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In order to better understand what problems occur and serve you faster, please refer to our service questionnaire:
Service Questionnaire*
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Using all specialists at our factory, usual repairs can be carried out quickly and at short notice. Our average turnaround time is typically less than one week.

In Germany and Europe, we regularly arrange express deliveries or courier trips for collection.
Thus, the repairs in the factory are faster and cheaper than on site service with possibly several approaches.

Should on-site repair or on-site maintenance be prefered, our colleagues from emv Service GmbH are happy to serve you:

We do not offer standard repair prices in terms of cost optimization for our customers.

If you send us an instrument, we will first carry out an incoming inspection at a fixed price to analyse the fault. Taking into account the economic efficiency, we provide a cost estimate. After approval, we carry out the necessary repair work as soon as possible.


Due to the well-known high reliability of our systems, we can offer you our service flat rate for all standard amplifiers up to the age of 10 years at surprisingly low prices!
Service Flatrate


To bridge repair times or short-term needs, we have one extensive range of rental equipment which already can resolve many problems.
Please ask for currently available rental instruments: