Service Flat Rate


What is your budget for 10 years service?

Based on the known high reliability of our systems we can offer service flat rates for 10 years of care free operation at surprisingly low rates!
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Multipactor Space Test System at Ku-Band

Multi-Carrier Test System using 12 liquid cooled broadband high-power amplifiers combined to 6 modulated carriers of 700 W each.


New control functions and even more compact!


2HE Along with modernizing the display+keyboard assembly with general 3 keys, new firmware and more remote control features, a new compact 19” cabinet design is introduced.

This allows to make the small amplifiers from BONN Elektronik to become even smaller.

After a short transition period all amplifiers previously integrated into 3 HU cabinets at 350 mm depth will now be integrated into only 2 HU at 430 mm.

MIL Vibration Test (120 minutes @ 0 dB)

Selection Charts


Our selection charts are providing a quick overview over the available maximum output power levels at each model series and technology for following four ranges:

BSA and BTA at 9 kHz … 500 ( 1000) MHz
BLWA at 1 … 1000 (4000) MHz
BLMA and TWAL at 100 MHz … 40 GHz
BLPA/BPA and TWAP at 300 MHz … 40 GHz

Datasheets for all Amplifier Groups


In our product database, you will find a suitable system solution for your application. All data sheets of our almost 1000 (!!!) standard amplifiers for download in PDF format.
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