BONN Elektronik designs and produces customized solutions with RF power amplifiers and RF power amplifier systems. For more than 40 years power, individual solutions and quality of our instruments inspire experts and users worldwide.
We build Power Amplifiers and Systems to your Specifications.

Single Datasheets for each individual Amplifier Model

In our product database, you will find a suitable system solution for your application. All individual datasheets of our more than 1000 (!!!) standard amplifiers for download. (more…)
Selection Charts

Our selection charts are providing a quick overview over the available maximum output power levels at each model series and technology for following four ranges: (more…)
LAN TCP/IP (Option L) now becomes the standard remote control interface
Because of the meanwhile widespread LAN ports, we have changed our standard configuration for the remote control interfaces: As of now all amplifier models are free of charge equipped with the LAN TCP/IP (Option L) remote control interface as a standard now. The IEEE 488.2 GPIB (Option C) of course still is optionally available. (more…)