LAN TCP/IP (Option L) now becomes the standard remote control interface

Because of the meanwhile widespread LAN ports, we have changed our standard
configuration for the remote control interfaces:
As of now all amplifier models are free of charge equipped with the LAN TCP/IP (Option L)
remote control interface as a standard now.
The IEEE 488.2 GPIB (Option C) of course still is optionally available.

New generation of LAN TCP/IP interface

The new generation of the LAN TCP/IP interface offers several additional new features:

  • – Web server with updated graphical user interface and fast response times. The status messages and changes are updated almost in real time.
  • – Easy access to advanced diagnostic capabilities – if required even remotely
  • – Together with the new generation of our system control the LAN TCP/IP interface provides an improved access to the service menu.
        Those details now are presented much more clearly.
  • – Additionally, there is an event log for about 50 entries which are synchronized with the built-in elapsed time meter and stored in a non-volatile memory.
  • – Furthermore, access via SNMP protocol is optionally available.